When selecting an SMO or a CRO partner to conduct a study in cardiology, Cardiorus has several unique differentiators that make it stand out.

• Unprecedented pool of potential study subjects. Cardiorus has access to literally millions of patients.

• One site location alleviates the need for travel thus significantly reducing pass-through costs of a trial

• Standardized approach to study conduct. The inpatient and outpatient sites operate under a single set of SOPs that guarantees both quality and data uniformity

• Risk-sharing model. To further demonstrate that Cardiorus stands by its recruitment projections it adopted a risk-sharing model that allows sponsors to pay for performance by benchmarking recruitment deliverables

Bakoulev Institute for Cardiovascular Surgery

This premier institution is at the forefront of the most advanced medical and surgical treatments and utilizes the state of the art medical equipment. It is staffed with the best-trained experts in respective fields and its KOLs are established national health care policy makers.